Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of business is our company ?

It is an online investment which offers opportunities to interested persons to buy into our investment services, We trades on behalf of our investors and pays profits on investors capital. However, prospective investors are required to buy into bmfinvestment services.

How do you generate income?

Money is generated by doing different kinds of trading with the investment from investors

How do i register?

Click on the Register link in the navbar above

How do I go to my dashboard?

Click on My Account in the navbar above NB: You have to login or register (if you do not have an account) before you can access your account

How do I make an investment?

HOW TO INVEST: Under Investments tab, click on Invest->Choose amount & payment method (BTC or MOMO) and click on 'I Invest' button. Once that is done, the user has to Prove the investment and wait for admin's confirmation, and once confirmation is done, user start earning on that investment from the next day.

How long will I have to make payment after I clicking on "I Invest"?

Details will be provided as soon as you click on I invest button. You have 24hrs to make payment for it to be credited to your account

How long will it take to be for my investment to mature?

Investment matures totally within 60 working days. it have 2.5% daily earning

How will I receive payout for my investment?

Payout is done automatically on your daily earning unto your BMF balance. You can withdraw anytime provided it have reach our minimum withdraw of 10$

How do I contact the support team?

After registration, you will see the contact on your dashboard.


Under Investments tab, click on Pending Investments and under this option, there is a list of investments made by the user. You choose the one you want to prove and click on 'Prove' button. after that, you would be redirected to a page where you provide your proof image and once done, you would have to wait for your confirmation.


Under Investments tab, click on Withdraw Investments under this option, provide amount you want to withdraw and choose payment method (account info) to which your cash would be sent to..