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Our Features

Earn 2.5% Daily

You get a daily payout of 2.5% (for each investment) for 60 Working Days. This Payout can then be withdrawn on Fridays

Get Returns

Our normal investors get their full returns within 60 working days
NB: We charge 3% fee of your investment every 20 working days.

Fast Withdrawals

We care about our investors' needs that's why you get your withdrawals sent to you quickly in less than 12 hours!

How it Works

This section has been simplified into 5 easy processes.

  • 1

    Create an Account

    Before you can use any of our services, you must first register, or login to your dashboard if you already have an account.

  • 2

    Choose An Investment Package

    After Registration and Login, the next step is to Choose an Investment package provided at Investment page

  • 3

    Confirm Your Investment

    The next step after choosing your Investment package is to Pay, and confirm your Investment, and wait for your verification process.

  • 4

    Start Earning!

    Once your Investment has been confirmed and verified, you would start earning an amount of 2.5% until your Maturity is due. In all, you get a total return of 50% (plus your capital making 150%) in 60 working days.

  • 5

    Make Withdrawals

    The 2.5% you earn daily, gets deposited to an e-wallet account created for you during your account registration, which you can withdraw every Friday.
    NB: Minimum withdrawal is $10.

NB: All our new members are to pay a onetime fee of $10 to access all site features.

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